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Safety Rules and Regulations

Because Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada is an active manufacturing facility, the safety of all those who enter the plant is the first priority. These mandatory regulations are in place for your protection and to ensure that you enjoy a pleasant experience.


The following regulations apply to all groups:

Along the tour, the guided, motorized trams will enter the Weld shop, where occasional welding sparks are present. While these sparks are not harmful, some fabrics are more easily flammable. Therefore:


-Only natural fibres should be worn in the plant (wool, cotton, silk, linen etc.) * No Polyesters, Rayons, Acrylics or other Synthetic fibres (micro fibres etc.).
-No shorts, skirts, tear-away pants, nylon pants or tops.
-No ball caps or hats.
* Cotton smocks will be provided for those who require one.


-No purses, bags, knapsacks
-No cameras.
-No cell phones, pagers or communication devices.
*These items will be stored under lock & key in the Visitor Centre.


-No food or drinks allowed on the tram
-Safety glasses must be worn at all times - provided for use during the tour.
-Audio-headsets are provided for each guest


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